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The Horror of Leap Year Part 19 - 'The Leap'

Today's Leap Day – the one holiday that doesn't have a horror movie devoted to it. To correct that situation, we've asked each and every FEARnet employee to submit a pitch for a FEARnet film they would make that's based on, inspired by, or entitled 'Leap Year'. Our next proposal comes from Luke LaBeau. Check it out below.

The Leap

James (14) and Marina (9) lost their parents two years ago to a savage breaking and entering that took place in their Hartford, Connecticut home.  They awoke on the night of the murders to the sound of horrific screaming coming from the first floor.  Both children immediately ran for their doors to get their parents, but noticed their doors had been locked from the outside, leaving them trapped in their rooms to endure the blood-curdling screams of their parent's last breaths. 

James was able to kick his door open, and ran downstairs to find his parents tied up at the kitchen table.  Their eyes had been spooned out of their heads, their throats slit, and their innards nowhere to be found.  What stuck with James the most were the strange symbols that were written on the bodies of their parents. James never told his sister exactly how their parents had died.

Shortly thereafter, James and Marina were sent to live with their distant aunt and uncle, who lived on a small island off the coast of Maine.  The island was a beautiful, close-knit community in which all the inhabitants knew one another.  Having never met their aunt and uncle, the kids were extremely surprised at the couple's simplistic lifestyle – no television, minimal electrical devices, and no running water.  It seemed as if everyone on the island practiced the same lifestyle.

What the children did notice, however, was the warm welcome they received from the inhabitants of the island.  It seemed everyone was ecstatic to have them there, and welcomed them with open arms.  This sense of hospitality by the inhabitants caused the children to become suspicious, as they were pampered beyond belief, and treated far better than the other children on the island.  The only time the children were treated anything less than royalty was when they were caught playing near the edge of the island, where there lived a steep cliff surrounded by water, an area that was off limits to the children.

After two years living on the island with their relatives, the children became used to the good nature of the inhabitants, and even adapted a similar demeanor.  However, after the New Year arrived, and the calendar ticked to the year 2012, the children began resurrecting their suspicions.  They began to notice small shrines and strange symbols appearing in places where the children normally went. 

When the month of February arrived, the children noticed the inhabitants of the island had begun to act even stranger, as it seemed the children were being followed everywhere they went.  Marina even believed someone was watching her while she slept, as she often woke to the closing of her closet door, and a shuffling under her bed.  These occurrences intensified as James also began noticing strange things throughout the night.  On the night of February 27th, James awoke to an old woman standing at the foot of his bed with a lit candle.  He had reached his last whit, and decided to investigate his aunt and uncle further, and find the origin of the suspicious activity. 

Upon arriving home from school on February 28th, James began searching the house for any type of information he could find on his relatives and the island, while his sister napped.  Finding nothing throughout the house, he decided to break into their aunt and uncle's room, a door that was normally locked at all times.  Using a hammer to break to the door knob off, James was able to open the door.  What he found was a startling surprise.  The large room was filled with lit candles surrounding a tall pedestal upon which lied a large open book.  As James approached the book and flipped through it, he panicked, noticing that the book contained the same symbols that were etched in his memory upon finding his parents' bodies. Shaking with nerves, James continued to flip through the book, as a small letter fell out. 

James opened the letter and began reading it.  The letter stated "Thank you for giving us the opportunity for everlasting life.  They are yours now.  We offer them to you in the name of Abbadon."  The letter was signed by his parents.  As James turned to get his sister, he was met by a dark figure.  The room went black.

James awoke to the screams of Marina, and the wind against his face.  He and his sister had been tied down, facing each other, near the edge of the cliff where they were restricted to go. The restrained children were surrounded by the townspeople, who all carried their usual smile as well as a lit candle. In the middle of them was a large, roaring fire. Their aunt and uncle approached, one holding a lit candle, one holding the large book James found in their bedroom.  The children's aunt went on to explain the situation, a horrifying realization for the children. 

Two years ago, their parents had "given themselves" to this community, as an activation of a much larger plan.  This activation was said to awake "Abaddon", who, according to their aunt was the king of all demons in hell.  She went on to explain that upon activation, the ritual also required the lives of two blood relatives at midnight on the eve of the leap year during the last year of human life - 2012. Proper execution of this plan was said to give everlasting life and royalty under the arm of Abaddon. 

Their aunt explained that the children were, in a sense, martyrs for their cause, would meet their parents again upon death. Their death, however, was not going to be quick, and would take them to a place far beyond pain.  The ritual required the removal of every limb and every organ individually, which then would be thrown into the fire as a "gift" to Abaddon. 

The inhabitants began their ritual, dismembering and disemboweling the children while they writhed and screamed in agony.  As the ritual was completed, and children were offered to Abaddon, the inhabitants began to gather in a straight line along the edge of the cliff, where they all met hands.  They paused for a moment, and followed with the group shouting in unison "To you, Abaddon, we offer ourselves for eternity."  Then, on the edge of the cliff, again in unison, they all took The Leap.