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The Horror of Leap Year Part 22 - 'A Deadly Proposal'

Today's Leap Day – the one holiday that doesn't have a horror movie devoted to it. To correct that situation, we've asked each and every FEARnet employee to submit a pitch for a FEARnet film they would make that's based on, inspired by, or entitled 'Leap Year'. Our next proposal comes from Natalie Pohorski. Check it out below.

A Deadly Proposal

"Don't you Dare Say No…"

According to an old Irish legend, St. Bridget struck a groundbreaking deal with St. Patrick to allow women the opportunity to propose to men on a leap day, which only surfaces once every 4 years.  The catch to this is that the men are required to say yes to the women if proposed to, but if they don't, the man has to pay a penalty in the form of money, a new gown, or new gloves to hide the women's naked ring finger.

Our story will be set in the year 1896, a leap year.  A plain young woman by the name of Bridget had fallen in love with a man named Patrick. Bridget knew of the Leap Day deal struck hundreds of years before and decided that she wasn't going to wait for Patrick to propose.  She was madly in love with him and desperately wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.  Bridget, doing what she thought was right, surprised Patrick over dinner at one of New Yorks nicer restaurants.  Unfortunately for Bridget, Patrick didn't exactly agree and promptly turned down Bridget's request. Distraught over losing the love of her life, Bridget returned back to her small apartment to try to make sense of the evenings events, but she was unable to see the bright side of things and took her own life.  Before she did, she made sure to put on her new white gloves given to her by Patrick months before for her birthday, to hide the missing engagement ring.

ROUGHLY FOUR YEARS after the death of Bridget, Patrick has recovered gracefully.  As another Leap Day approaches, we find Patrick out on the town with his current lady of choice, Julia.  Julia is a beautiful woman who met Patrick at a social event in New York almost a year earlier.  As the two are out enjoying themselves, Patrick is approached by his good friend and personal carriage driver Henry.  Henry informs Patrick that he has been summoned to the Congressman's office for an emergency meeting and that he must depart immediately.  Patrick and Julia leave with Henry, and once at the Congressmen's office, Patrick instructs Henry to bring Julia home and to return in 3 hours to pick him up.  When Henry doesn't return to pick Patrick up, he goes looking for his friend only to find him dead. 

After Henry's death, Patrick becomes suspicious. After a few sleepless nights and long days spent away from his job looking for Henry's killer, Patrick has to attend a formal event in the city for his boss, Congressman Walter Black.  Black is celebrating his recent reelection and is throwing a large gathering for his supporters and closest friends.  Of course, Patrick brings Julia, who happens to be huge supporter of Congressmen Black's and is elated to meet him.  At the party, Patrick seems a bit removed from the festivities due to his friend's untimely departure from this world. To cope, Patrick has a few too many drinks and finds comfort on a Victorian couch in a nearby room.  What seems like moments later, a coworker of Patrick's frantically wakes him and informs him that Congressman Black had been slain in his office.  Patrick now turns his attention to his deceased employer.  But once again, Patrick is unable to come up with any immediate leads.

On the night of their anniversary, February 28th, Patrick and Julia see one of the popular operas playing on Broadway and follow it up with a nice dinner that Julia has made herself. Julia offers Patrick a drink and tells him to take his jacket off and to get comfortable.  Patrick obliges and takes a seat with his drink in hand. Julia emerges from the other room, this time wearing some sort of white dress with white gloves. Julia begins to reveal that she was behind the killings of Henry and Congressman Black.  Patrick, feeling a little off, shoots out of his chair to intercept Julia from uttering another word, but inexplicitly drops to his knees in a little bit of pain.  Julia moves toward Patrick and kneels next to him.  She gets close to his hear and whispers her true identity.  She is the sister of Patrick's former lover Bridget, and more importantly, they were in the same apartment that Bridget took her life in. That night, Julia vowed to take revenge on Patrick for causing Bridget to take her own life.

Patrick regains his strength and pins Julia to the wall, yelling and cursing at her uncontrollably.  He then tells her he is going to drag her down to police headquarters.  But Julia watches as his this last burst of strength finally leaves him and he dies on the floor in front of her. She manages to hang Patrick from a noose, in the same spot Bridget was found to make his death look as if he had done it himself.  Julia also leaves behind a note that she forged in Patrick's handwriting, stating that he couldn't live with himself after what happened to Bridget and that he just wanted to be back with her.