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Horror Movies Re-Imagined as Goosebumps Books!



Though I was born in the 1980s, I spent the majority of my childhood in the 90s.  Like most kids, I looked at reading as a homework assignment rather than a hobby.  But then I was introduced to R.L. Stine and his line of books bearing the title Goosebumps.  Suddenly, I couldn't get enough.  Reading very much became a hobby for me, and wouldn't ya know it... I finally found something I wanted to read, and my teachers didn't want me reading it.  Oh, the irony!

Like many horror fans who grew up in the 90s, I have to credit the Goosebumps books with ushering me into a lifelong love of horror films.  They provided a safe yet spooky way for a youngster to get his horror fix, and they more than satiated my appetite for blood and monsters - until I was old enough to move on to the real stuff.

But what if those two worlds collided - the worlds of kid-friendly R.L. Stine-style horror and straight up horror movies?  What if movies like The Shining and Trick 'r Treat were written by R.L. Stine?  Thanks to an awesome Tumblr blog called If It Were Stine, we can get a glimpse into this most awesome of alternate universes.  Check out a few of my favorite of their mock book covers and then head over to If It Were Stine for many more!

Halloween 3


The Shining