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Horror Music Video of the Week: Buckethead – 'We Are One'



This definitely isn't the first time we've showcased horror themed music videos on the site... even when a band's music isn't necessarily horror-based, if they put out a video with scary elements or horror movie homages, I make a point of sharing and reporting on it, and tons of music videos have made our Year's Best lists. Now I'm excited to announce we'll be devoting a regular feature to music videos both old and new, either popular or underground, that make horror visuals their main focus... and today we're gonna kick this off proper with one from the WTF vaults.
Enigmatic, kabuki-masked guitar virtuoso Buckethead (who, as shown above, literally wears a bucket on his head) has long been associated with the horror genre: his intricate, hyperactive neck-tapping guitar style has made its way onto soundtracks for splatter flicks like Flesh for the Beast and the comparatively mainstream John Carpenter film Ghosts of Mars, plus his albums almost always adopt horror, sci-fi and monster movie themes. He's even collaborated with horror icon Bill Moseley, who returns to his “Chop-Top” persona from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as vocalist for the short-lived act Cornbugs.
The mystery axe-man has teamed up with many other vocalists, including former System of a Down vocalist Serj Tankian – who is also known to horror TV watchers for his opening title theme to the anthology series Fear Itself. The pair's recent musical matchup, from Buckethead's album Enter the Chicken, resulted in this totally whacked-out oddity filled with occult trappings and roadkill reanimation experiments that might have made Re-Animator's Herbert West say “Damn, you need help, bruh.”
Still staring at the screen wondering what the hell just happened in front of your eyeballs? Maybe this making-of video will help you sort it all out. Then again, probably not. But it's fun to watch. (Leatherface alert!)