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Horror Music Video of the Week: HEALTH – 'We Are Water'



Now that we've grabbed your attention with last week's spotlight on enigmatic guitar virtuoso Buckethead, we're back again with another installment of our ongoing showcase of horror-heavy music videos... and this one's a personal favorite of mine. When it comes to bands who embrace very familiar horror imagery in their videos, HEALTH is definitely one of the most memorable, and their bizarre brand of chaotic electro noise, frantic beats, mangled guitar effects and spooky vocals is a perfect fit.
From zombies to slashers, the band has put them all to great use in their visuals, with creepy and often grotesquely funny results. Their most memorable offering is this clip for “We Are Water,” a single from the 2009 album Get Color. Without giving too much away, let's just say this one takes the standard slasher-vs-final-girl scenario and spins it all to hell, with graphic results...