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News Article

Horror Trivia Night at Jumpcut Cafe


Last night was the first Horror Trivia Night, sponsored by Shock Till You Drop and Fangoria. So naturally, Team FEARnet had to represent.

The games got underway around 8pm, and consisted of eight rounds: general horror; movie poster taglines; early horror directors; when nature attacks; know your ghosts; screen capture identification; and a sketching round. Questions ranged from easy and "mainstream (the name of the demon in The Exorcist; the name of Dexter's boat; director of The Creature From the Black Lagoon) to the far more obscure (draw the old Wizard Video logo; what kind of animal did Leslie Nielsen wrestle in Day of the Animals; what movie was about five Japanese businessmen whose ghosts haunt a woman named Doris.)

Team FEARnet (playing under the team name Rosemary's Adults) consisted of myself, Lawrence (editor-in-chief), Rick (standards & practices), Sarah (head of programming), Jeff (development), and Rob (web coordinator). With such a crackerjack team, how could we lose?

Well, we did lose. We didn't embarrass ourselves, but some of the questions were too obscure even for us. Regardless, it was a fun evening with horror nerds. If you missed out, the plan is to make this a monthly event, so keep an eye on