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How to Lovecraft Your Life


The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination.

H.P. Lovecraft is known for writing about many things: fiends from the netherworld, unknown supernatural foes, giant aquatic creatures ready to enslave mankind, and now, life advice. There’s more than one site out there to help fans commune with the spirit of the writer, find inspirational quotations, and creepy new names. Here are a few to get your started.

Really, you can ask him anything and his disembodied head will answer from beyond the grave, on Advice Lovecraft. But be patient, it might take a few days to reach him. The blog claims to help readers “write like the man who brought us dozens of nondescript, ancient, slavering, spacefaring evils.” Lovecraft’s head also posted some memes offering sound advice. I am waiting for an answer on how to find a full-time job.

Maybe you’re looking that perfect adjective to describe, say, a monster that wants to swallow your soul? Lovecraft can help with that too. Thanks to some unknown supernatural force he can generate random descriptions out of cosmic ooze. Just hit the generator button to receive a “descrption most foul and corrupt" such as “ That oozing, pasty, rigid shadow …” or “an anomalous, phantastical fury...”

Finally, if you’re an expectant parent and looking for a name to rival some of the greatest names in all of literary history, forgo the baby name books. Lovecraft has you covered. Miskatonic River Press created the Lovecraft Country Name Generator. Sometimes absurd, but pretty awesome, your child will have the spookiest name in class. Also, you can now call me Concetta Washburne.