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FIle this one under so wrong it must be right... Back in the '70s and '80s, Marvel and DC hooked their wagons to Hostess, that ever popular manufacturer of snack cakes designed to survive a nuclear winter. And so Marvel and DC's superheroes appeared in full-page advertisements for Hostess products in their monthly comic books, each ad designed to look like a comic book page. (Apparently us kids back then couldn't tell the difference.) Superman, Spider-Man, Batman -- hell, even Plastic Man -- got in on the action, each of them using the power of cupcakes and Twinkies to thwart their enemies. The weirdest of these ads, however, belonged to one of my favorite antiheroes. After the jump, check out The Incredible Hulk Vs. The Roller Disco Devils

Let me count the ways in which this is bizarre. 1.) A town is terrorized -- by roller disco. 2.) Mothers are so afraid of disco they won't allow their younglings food. 3.) A supposedly menacing street gang is led by a man who wears tight blue jeans and a yellow shirt with a floral print pattern. 4.) This street gang also holds within its ranks a bald man sporting what looks like a goatee, sunglasses, and a pink bodysuit accented with a white scarf tied around his waist. 5.) The Hulk, who does not harm even the most evil villains who threaten the world, decides he hates disco so much that he crushes, by my count, seven men to death inside a giant makeshift concrete carpet. 6.) In so doing, the Hulk teaches children it's okay to kill. 7.) For fruit pies. 8.) "That's great crust."

I could go on. The whole ad is basically a Where's Waldo of twisted ideas. Still, if there's a God in heaven he better make damn sure Guillermo del Toro's Hulk TV show features a guest appearance by the Roller Disco Devils.