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'Human Skin Masks' Causing Quite a Stir in China


human skin mask

If you thought Leatherface was the only one wearing human skin masks... think again!

As reported at the tail end of last year by ECNS.CN, the sale of masks like the one pictured above has been causing many concerns in recent months, as they're readily available for purchase on one of China's largest online markets. Thin, highly detailed and feeling very much like real human skin, the masks sell for as low as $166, and they can even be customized for a higher price, to look like yourself or anyone you want them to look like.

In addition to just plain being creepy, one of the main concerns is that crimes will be committed by people who are essentially wearing the faces of innocent citizens, which has naturally led to many being outraged over the fact that they're so readily available. "What if a murderer wearing a mask like my face commits a crime?" said one resident, echoing the sentiments of many in China.

Just this week, a couple months after the article on ECNS was published, The World of Chinese has confirmed the nefarious threat that these so-called human skin masks pose, reporting that a man in China attacked his ex-wife last week, while wearing one of the horrifying flesh masks. Though the woman was thankfully unharmed, the man was arrested, and was found to be in possession of pepper spray and a large knife. He says that he was merely trying to scare his ex-wife, and that he had no plans on actually hurting her. No word on if the mask he was wearing depicted his own face, or someone else's.

The sale of skin masks in China has reached an all-time high in the early portions of 2014, and though the term 'human skin mask' has been banned from search engines, the lifelike masks are still legally available for purchase.

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