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News Article

I, Parasite Release New Album


Thanks to their wicked determination and the help of a dedicated fanbase, darkly sinister electro-metal outfit I, Parasite have finally released their third studio album The Sick are Not Healing this week on CD and digital download. If you want to get a taste of what's in store, read below for more info, and the different ways you can hear the new album... including for free!

Formed in 1997, the New York-based band founded by Christopher Jon has moved up from the underground to find a strong following and critical praise lately. They've collaborated with dark experimental bands like Android Lust, as well as UK metal legends Cradle of Filth – the latter thanks to their association with producer Rob Caggiano (Rob also contributes to The Sick are Not Healing, performing on the track The Stone Doctor). Originally formed as an experimental ambient/electro duo, the band was reworked more recently into an all-new project with a heavier, meaner sound.

It's this darker vibe that permeates the new album – which for the moment you can preview in its entirety on MySpace. The Sick are Not Healing is also available on CD through the band's own store, and the purchase of a CD comes with a free digital download. Check it out now!