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News Article

IAMX Invites You to Enter the KINGDOM


Sinister, primal and seductive “glam noir” outfit IAMX – the groundbreaking Berlin-based brainchild of Sneaker Pimps frontman Chris Corner – is on the precipice of completing their third album Kingdom of Welcome Addiction. Slated for a US release on May 19 through Metropolis Records, Kingdom is a bit of a creative departure for the band according to Corner, who recently shared some juicy details on the album's themes...

"I always imagined IAMX as a broad project," Corner explains. "I feel completely free to experiment in every aspect... with humor, with sincerity, with sex, with anger, with fragility. I am a very private person – but I felt, with a more organic approach, I could begin to explore and expose another angle.”

Corner describes their music as being capable of both savagery and tenderness, and this album is intended to reveal more of the latter... the soft, fuzzy underbelly to the heavy beat-driven “rabid animal” that their fans have come to fear and love. Examples of that approach come across in intensely personal tracks like the melancholy ballad “I Am Terrified” and the pensive “My Secret Friend,” which features vocals by Grammy-nominated cult star Imogen Heap.

Corner also explained the meaning of the album's title: "IAMX is my subversive little kingdom. I feel a bit like a mutant Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator. It is here, and in the environment it has created, that I feel at home... I imagine everyone has such a place, a dream, or a persona... the drug of all drugs. The power of reason, passion, change and independence. Addiction in the positive."

Corner will launch a mini-tour to promote the album in the US this summer, with shows planned for New York, Chicago, San Francisco and L.A. Check back here for more IAMX news soon!