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Iconic Horror Villains Get the LEGO Treatment


LEGO horror villains

Tomorrow marks the stateside home video release of You're Next, which saw release over in the UK today.  As a fun little promotional campaign for the release, the company handling the UK distribution had custom LEGO figures of horror icons whipped up, which they used for the infographic seen above.  If you saw the graphic getting shared around the internet this past weekend, I'm willing to bet that you were left wondering if there was any possible way you could get your hands on these awesome figures, and today we're happy to report that there indeed is!

UK company MINIFIGS.ME specalizes in custom-made personalized LEGOs, and they're the ones who created the promotional figures.  Realizing that horror fans were probably going to want them, they've made the six iconic villains available for sale over on their website, ranging in price from approximately $18 (Norman Bates) to $25 (Freddy Krueger).  Each of the killers comes equipped with their own weapon of choice, Jack Torrance clutching his trusty axe and You're Next's Fox Mask brandishing a deadly crossbow.

Head over to the Mini Figs website to purchase your favorite villains, and to find out how you can get yourself a custom LEGO figure, made in your likeness!

LEGO horror

*UPDATE: Due to the popularity of these figures, the company has added Patrick Bateman, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface to the line!!*