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News Article

ICP Sued for Lifting Midnight Syndicate Tracks

Photo: Associated Press

Notorious shock-rappers Insane Clown Posse and their label Psychopathic Records have been slapped with a rather hefty lawsuit for allegedly using samples by famous horror recording artists/filmmakers Midnight Syndicate without the band's permission. According to a new report from, the lawsuit was filed on Monday, and we've got all the details after the jump, including the songs in question...

The site posted copies of the copyright infringement suit, which totals more than two million dollars. The document explains that Entity Productions – who handle licensing arrangements for Midnight Syndicate (the team of Edward Douglas & Gavin Goszka, shown above) and other artists – are claiming that ICP albums Mirror Mirror and Tales From the Lotus Pod contain samples of Midnight Syndicate tracks like "Raven's Hollow" from the album Realm of Shadows, as well as "Haunted Nursery" and "Halls of Insurrection."

The suit mentions that Entity's lawyers sent a letter to ICP & Psychopathic Records two years ago about those samples, but never received a reply... and then discovered that the hip-hop duo had sampled even more Syndicate tracks since then – including "Vampyre," "Awakening," Unseen Eyes" and "Forsaken" – for the ICP album Hell's Pit.

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