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IFC to Release 'Shining' Documentary 'Room 237'


Room 237Rodney Ascher's documentary follows Kubrick-obsessed fans as they discuss various conspiracy theories around his iconic film The Shining.

While Room 237 is not the best-made documentary, the film is a fun watch, treating the audience to a detailed look inside the minds of people who have spent their entire lives picking apart The Shining. Some of these theories are totally plausible and others completely bonkers.

As Scott Weinberg puts it in his review, “It's one thing to interpret The Shining as an indictment of the nuclear family or perhaps a rumination on the eternal nature of evil, but the folks interviewed in Room 237 find parallels between The Shining and A) the massacre of Native Americans, B) proof that the Apollo 11 moon landing was fake, C) the Holocaust of WWII, and D) something about minotaurs. Yes, minotaurs.”

Look for the film in limited theatrical release, and most likely, on VOD March 29 2013.

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