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News Article

Image Comics Releases Full Color 'Walking Dead' No. 1



To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Robert Kirkman's seminal (and still rolling) zombie comic The Walking Dead, publisher Image Comics has released a special edition of the first issue. Issue number one: where we first meet Rick Grimes and his family, where we first see Shane in his element, and where the bleak landscape of post-zombie Earth spreads across the panels, will finally be available in full color. 

The color, done by long time professional colorist Dave Stewart, isn't the only bonus to this special edition. It also comes complete with all past special edition bonus materials, all special edition covers of the first issue, and lots of other bonus materials worth digging into. Check it out, it hits shelves today, October 9th, and clocks in at around six bucks. Not bad for full-color gore. We personally can't wait to see the dreary colors of the abandoned hospital as Rick makes his way out of his coma-coffin. What part of this iconic first issue are you most excited to see in color?