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Incredibly Strong Synthetic Spider Silk Readies Itself for Mass-Production


Spider web

For spiders, the intricate webs they spin out of silk have a multitude of uses, from catching prey to sheltering offspring. For us humans, those same webs are mostly a nuisance... right? Well, not exactly.

As reported by Chemical & Engineering News, synthetic spider silk is currently poised for commercial entry, which will allow humans to benefit from those pesky webs that we all too often finds ourselves walking into. By weight, a spider's silk is five times stronger than steel and three times tougher than Kevlar, and so impressively powerful is the material that scientists plan on using it to make super-strong cables and bulletproof vests. Yes, spider webs will soon be able to save lives, and other uses include the creation of antimicrobial wound patches and even artificial tendons.

Since gathering real web from actual spiders isn't an option, scientists have for years been working on developing the synthetic silk, which they're finally making serious progress on. One company is already selling synthetic silk as a beauty product, to improve skin and hair, and they'll also be unveiling a wound-healing spray later this year. Other companies are developing silk-based products for the textiles and automotive industries, which shows just how much we can benefit from the structures we once saw as nothing more than a nuisance.

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