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News Article

Indie Game ‘Kholat’ Inspired by Dyatlov Pass Incident


It’s rare for games to “be inspired by true events” unless they’re more military-based (Call of Duty and Company of Heroes), so having a horror game based off of historical fact is a tasty prospect.  The upcoming Kholat, by developer Imgn.Pro, takes its inspiration from the mysterious Dyatlov Pass Incident that occurred in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1959.

Just reading the details surrounding the case on Wikipedia are pretty chilling, with 9 experienced hikers allegedly cutting themselves out of their own tent before wandering barefoot into the snow, where six members of the group succumbed to hypothermia and three to severe injuries.  There are other strange details surrounding the case, which Russian authorities finally chalked up to “a compelling natural force.”  There are plenty of theories ranging from weapons testing to more paranormal explanations, trying to explain the mysterious details of the incident, like several pieces of irradiated clothing and two of the hikers having fractured skulls.

Kholat looks to be running with the paranormal aspect, offering a Unity-engine powered take on the events that occurred on that fateful night in 1959.  Details are sparse, but the game promises a “fear manager” that will maximize in-game tension.  There’s little else to learn from the game’s Steam Greenlight page, but we’re certain to keep our eyes on this one.

Kholat will be released 2014 on PC and Mac via Steam.