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News Article

Indie Horror Games ‘Doorways’ Available for Preorder


Doorways is a game that managed to slip under my radar for the past few months…and I have no idea why.  An indie effort from Argentinean developer Saibot Studios (I smell some MK fans in South America), it looks to capture the nerve-wracking vibe of Amnesia while spicing itself up with all of the elements that are sorely lacking in gaming.  Medieval torture devices?  Check.  Eerie, Lovecraftian sense of insignificance?  Check.  Dilapidated Victorian mansions?  Check.

Well, if you’re getting the same weird gothic-horror boner that I am, you’ll be excited to know that the game is now available for preorder direct from Saibot Studios or through indie game distributor Desura.  Preordering the first two chapters for $9.99 will also give you access to the game’s beta, whereas $15.99 nets you all 4 chapters.  There is also a campaign via Steam’s Greenlight initiative for those of you that are addicted to Valve’s oh-so-convenient digital distribution platform.

Doorways is due out in September.