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Infamous 'Ghost in a Jar' ebay Auction Turns Ten


In 2003, a strange jar with mysterious marking showed up on ebay under the title Ghost in a Jar. The seller wrote they “would not be held responsible if the black thing escaped the jar.” What appeared to be a joke – it’s just a badly painted peach jar with some sort of fake runes written across it – ended a week later with a final bid of $50,922.

There was no sale, but Ghost in a Jar created a phenomenon on ebay- including buttons, t-shirt and bumper sticker sales. As well as spin-off items, PMS in a Jar," "Ghost Retreat for Ghost in a Jar,” which ebay pulled down.

What’s actually in the jar remains a mystery, but the jar itself will be remembered by some as a “the first unusual online auction to garner national attention” and by others as a great prank that probably came from the mind of a 14-year-old male horror fan. Read more about the haunted jar here.

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