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Inspiring Teenager Uses His Disability for Hilarious Zombie Pranks


Marilyn Monroe once said that "this life is what you make it," an idea that unfortunately most people fail to grasp.  We all have our own personal hardships and troubles in life, and only through rising above those things and never giving up do we ever truly live.

This is something that teenager Nick Santonastasso understands all too well.  Nick was born in 1996 without legs and only one arm, but he's never let that stop him from being an inspiration, and living life to its fullest.

Through his Vine account, Nick recently started a series of prank videos that are some of the best we've quite frankly ever seen, using his disability to make people think, for a split-second, that he's actually a zombie.  Nick applies a bit of zombie makeup to his face and then lunges towards unsuspecting shoppers, mimicking the deathly sounds of the undead along the way.  As you might imagine, the resulting videos are absolute gold.

Check them out below!

As reported by BuzzFeed, the videos resulted in a petition to get Nick on The Walking Dead, which anyone who's inspired by his story is encouraged to sign, in an effort to get him to be a zombie on the show.  If you'd like to see that, be sure to offer up your support for the cause.

All of us here on FEARnet salute you, Nick!