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Instantly Become a Zombie with the Walking Dead Footed Pajamas


Walking Dead pajamas

Remember that moment early on in Shaun of the Dead where Shaun stumbles into frame like a zombie?  He has just woken up and he's barely able to even walk like a human - that's me... every single morning.  I'm not a morning person in the least, and I'm quite frankly shocked that my wife has never stuck a fork into my brain, while I'm making a cup of coffee.  Between my torn up pajamas, my messy hair and that weird crust that invades my eyeballs while I sleep, I must admit that I look more dead than I do alive, for at least the first hour of my day.

Presumably in an effort to ensure that my wife does indeed brain me at some point in the near future, the company WebUndies has just launched a snazzy new pair of officially licensed Walking Dead footed pajamas, which instantly transform you into a beat up and bloodied walker.  The pattern on the 100% polyester pajamas is made to look like the tattered outfit of a zombie, with the hood serving to give your face a serious make-under - no make-up required!

These unique pajamas are available in sizes Medium-2XL and you can purchase them over on WebUndies, for $38.