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Interview - 'Blood Trails' Star Andrew Laurich


What was it like working with Victor Garcia?

"You couldn't meet an easier going guy than Victor. I tried to stage a fake fight with him for the behing the scenes crew and he just laughed. He's affable, charming... Spanish. If I had a daughter, she'd be locked in her room. And in spite of his relaxed demanor, you always felt that he was completely in control. I think from a production standpoint, those are favorable traits; he managed to maintain an air of "calm" but didn't relax when it came to shooting the scene -- two or three takes and we moved on. He also has a love affair with blood -- lots of it, and his pronunciation of "vampire" is priceless."

Do you have a favorite memory from the set of Blood Trails?

"I'm not sure that I can discriminate between what were numerous memorable moments. But in particular, I remember the very first shot of the very first day... I was soaked in fake blood, clothes ripped, hair wild, and I had to be out of breath; we were shooting the last scene. And to exaughst myself, I went around the corner of this building and did wind sprints in a random parking lot. I was jumping up and down looking frantic, and I'm pretty sure I scared the crap out of this street person who was watching me in amazement. He slowly backed away, clutching his shopping cart for dear life.

I also remember the very last night of shooting. We were setting up for the last shot in an alley, where I was to kindly decapitate my girlfriend. The sun had started to rise and the crew was frantically placing the camera, coiling cables, rigging lights... Everybody was on edge and filled with several gallons of caffine. It was like a bad Night of the Living Dead sequel. And then it happened. A water pipe burst sending gallons of city water down the alley, and drenching the remains of our "set". Thankfully, they managed to turn it off just before the sky started to turn blue. Needless to say, I think it was the quickest shot of the whole production."

Throughout the course of the episodes, your character becomes drenched in blood, was it difficult to deal with all the blood and gore on set?

"After about day 2, you learned to embrace the blood, treat it like glamour makeup. The most difficult part, however, was constantly "changing" in and out of a particular amount of blood. Because they shot the story out of sequence, I sometimes had to go from full blood to clean, and back to full blood in like, 20 minutes."

You've stated that it's fun to play a character always on edge, are there any similarities between yourself and George?

"My Mother would be proud to know that when it comes to our appreciation of narcotics and choice of lifestyle, George and I differ quite a bit. On the other hand, I think I share George's nervous, very kinetic energy. He's constantly moving around, if not running, and I'm kind of like that -- a little shifty, a little anxious...running from vampires... "

Since 30 Days of Night began as a graphic novel, was adapted to film and has a mini-series prequel, how does it feel to be part of one of the most dynamic present day vampire films?

"Humbling. And very hip. It's like I've gotten to sit at the cool kids table at lunch for the first time in my life. Except unlike the cool kids in middle school, Steve Niles is one of the nicest guys I've ever met."

After working as a Production Assistant for The Ugly One, what made you decide to make the move from crew to cast?

"Though PA'ing is very glamorous, I preferred the blue collar route of acting."

Are you working on any new upcoming projects?

"I'm developing / writing an internet series with a production company, and working on a short film I plan to shoot in

What is your biggest fear?

"Not living up to my potential. And jellyfish."