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Interview: Chris Zylka - 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16'


MTV’s getting in on the Halloween fun with their new special, My Super Psycho Sweet 16.  Worry not friends; this is not a sparkly Halloween party for a rich girl.  This made-for-TV movie is loosely based on the reality series, but it is very much a throwback to 1980s slasher flicks.  In it, popular girl Madison insists her daddy renovate the abandoned roller disco that, ten years ago, was the hunting ground for serial killer Charlie Rotter.  Of course, Rotter was not dead like everyone thought (they never are) and returns to slaughter a new generation.

Chris Zylka plays Brigg, Madison’s ex-boyfriend, who falls for misfit classmate Skye – who happens to be Rotter’s daughter, and was the one who caught her father red-handed and sent him to jail.  We chatted about his role, and who was scarier: Madison or Rotter.

FEARnet: Tell me a little about your role in My Super Psycho Sweet 16.

Chris Zylka: My character, Brigg, is a good example of "it’s what is inside that counts."  He looks like the confident leading guy, the jock, the golden boy.  But inside, I don’t think he knows who he is or what he wants.  He is captivated when he finds Skye, who is an independent woman in high school.  He’s just fascinated by her.

The fact that she is the spawn of a serial killer doesn’t really bode well for your popularity, does it?

It really doesn’t!  It’s hard enough to meet your girlfriend’s father!  [Her lineage] was always in the back of my head, but at the same time, non-existent.   You would have to think that, yes, that would be in the back of someone’s head, but her father’s killing spree was so long ago, you just kind of assume he is dead.

How did you get the role?

I just auditioned.  It was really fun though.  At the end, we got to do a little improv and I don’t think the producers were expecting that.  Lauren McKnight [who plays Skye] and I were actually paired together.  I think we both felt felt like the scene we were reading didn’t finish itself, and that we should do something about it.  We just went on and on and on until it felt right to end the scene.  It was wonderful.

Are you a horror movie fan?

I am a horror movie fanatic.  I love them.  I go for the simple ones that can have lots of sequels because you can never get enough.  Jason, Nightmare, you know, the usual.  Michael Myers was my favorite growing up.  I love Michael Myers.

Did you base your character on any horror movie heroes?

No, Brigg is different.  In the process of reading the script and filming, it became apparent that Brigg wasn’t just the hero.  He had to be a hero to himself before he was able to stand up to the killer.  He fights the battle with himself through the movie, and he finally grows the balls to go after what he wants [the girl], and it just happens to be really, really bad timing. 

Was there any scene that was particularly fun to shoot?

The fight scene with the killer and I.  I bashed my elbow a million times.  I never really thought about how much pain [would go into shooting].  No blood, no glory, I guess!  It’s great for a slasher film, right?

Did you get any blood or prosthetic work?

I did!  It was my first time ever with that stuff.  We didn’t use gel caps.  Someone stood in front of me with a syringe-type instrument filled with blood, and splattered it in my face.  It was really odd, but being such a fan of horror movies, I felt like I was in all this glory, being covered by blood.

Who do you think is scarier: a serial killer, or a spoiled rich kid?

Spoiled rich kid.  They tend to make spawns of themselves – they create another spoiled rich kid, who goes on to create another spoiled rich kid.  I would think it would be tough for a killer to find a mate.  Once they are gone, they are gone.

Will you be looking for horror movie roles in the future?

Absolutely.  I had such a good time.  I don’t think I’m quite finished with horror!