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Iron Maiden Begin Planning Next Album


According to UK-based MyPark Magazine, Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith has recently revealed (at Tuesday's UK premiere of their concert film Flight 666) that the band will soon be returning to the studio to begin working their first new studio album in more than three years. Find out more after the jump!

Smith told BANG Showbiz that the band will begin writing at the end of this year, with the intention of completing the album in 2010 – after which they will return to their typically intense touring schedule. According to the guitarist, legendary producer Kevin “The Caveman” Shirley will likely be working with the band again.

The new project has some mighty big boots to fill, considering Maiden's 2006 release A Matter of Life and Death was such a huge success, and for many fans represented the band's triumphant return to classic form.

"There's always a bit of pressure to follow up the last album,” Smith explained. “In a way it's good because it motivates you... we always try our best for our own sake as much as anything else. As far as pressure for another album, we just do what we do – we've been doing it long enough now, we know what we're doing!"

In other Maiden news, Flight 666 is screening in select US theaters now… and the outrageous (but actually pretty classy) horror flick Crowley (aka Chemical Wedding), co-written by frontman Bruce Dickinson and loosely based on real-life occultist Aleister Crowley, is now available on DVD from Anchor Bay.