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News Article

Iron Maiden's 'Flight 666' Landing This Spring!

There's all kinds of Maiden mayhem in the news this week... now it looks like the band's highly anticipated concert film Flight 666 has scored a distribution deal and is set to arrive in theaters this April.

Variety reports that the film, which documents the legendary metal icons'  globe-hopping 2008 “Somewhere Back in Time” tour, will be distributed by UK-based Arts Alliance Media and released in the US through Universal on April 21st. The official trailer posted this week on YouTube and managed to draw over 2000 hits in its first hour – no surprise, 'cuz it promises wonderful things: “How long have you been Maiden fans?”... “Since I was f**kin' born, man!”

The title refers not just to the band's legendary platinum-seller The Number of the Beast, but is also the nickname of their official tour jet... which I'd like to point out frontman Bruce Dickinson, a licensed pilot, flew himself. Is that totally metal or what?

Check out the truly righteous trailer below.