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It’s March Madness for 'Silent Hill'

Silent Hill has long been one of Konami's biggest drawing franchises, and 2012 looks to be the year that they exploit that to its fullest.  As if the prospect of three, count ‘em three different Silent Hill titles in one year have your horror hearts aflutter, prepare for full cardiac arrhythmia, as all three titles are now due to be released in one month: March.  More details on the stuffed spring schedule after the break.

First, on March 6th, it's The Silent Hill HD Collection, the HD remastering of Silent Hill numbers 2 and 3 that was originally slated to be released this month.  It was also originally supposed to include the unrelated but underrated Silent Hill 4: The Room.  What the hell, Konami?

Now that you've had a whole week to reacquaint yourself with the nightmare town, it's perfect time on March 13th to release Silent Hill: Downpour, the return to the series proper.  This time, you'll play as escaped convict Murphy Pendleton, on the run in a rather rainy rendition of Silent Hill.  Given the town's tendency to manifest the inner demons of its characters, as well as Pendleton's felonious past, I fully expect a vicious mindfuck just as harrowing as 2 and 3.

Finally, on March 27th, there's the release of Silent Hill: Book of Memories, the PS Vita-exclusive title that makes Silent Hill into a handheld, top-down action title.  Yeah, I'm not too sure about it either (read: I think it's the worst idea ever), but I guess we'll have to wait until March 27th to see (read: I'll have roughly a month with my new Vita before I throw it down to the bottom of a well with Book of Memories inside).

How are you folks going to cope with the springtime super saturation of Silent Hill?  Skipping any of these over?  Sound off below!