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It's Off to Hell We Go with Darren Lynn Bousman, Terrance Zdunich, and 'The Devil's Carnival'


Darren Lynn Bousman is kind of the devious Santa of the season. He chose Christmas Day to unleash the super-cool, super-teasery website for his next project, The Devil's Carnival. Reteaming with his Repo! The Genetic Opera partner Terrance Zdunich, the flash-heavy site offers little more than animated flames and promises of more details coming in January, but there is some video to accompany the mystery. Read on for more.

The 12-minute long video features Victorian-punk violinist Emilie Autumn amidst the remnants of a post-apocalyptic carnival. She preps for her show, she listens to an old Victrola, she dances and shimmies, she plays violin. So what are we thinking? Another punked-out, horror-tinged musical? Maybe with an accompanying concept album? A live burlesque tour?

Check out the video below, and get the full experience at