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It's Official: Yvonne Strahovski Returns to 'Dexter'


dexterIn news that will surprise no one, Yvonne Strahovski has officially signed on to return to Dexter for its eighth and final season.

Strahovski will reprise her role of Hannah McKay, the serial poisoner who Dexter fell in love with. Can a relationship between two serial killers stand the test of time? Not when one of them tries to poison the other's sister. When we last saw Hannah, she was in prison for murdering her would-be biographer, a kill that Dexter had initially helped cover up when the relationship was still new; after Hannah tried to kill Dexter's sister Debra, all bets were off. Dexter always "knew it would end this way: one of us in prison or dead." Hannah just thought it would be Dexter. I have to imagine that she intends to fulfil her vision of that prophecy, for Hannah faked a seizure and broke out of custody to leave a warning orchid on Dexter's door.

The eighth season of Dexter begins June 30th on Showtime.

Source: EW