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James Franco Takes on 'The Night Stalker'


James Franco is making his directorial debut in a big, bloody way with The Night Stalker.  The film - based on Philip Carlo's true-crime book - explores the life and madness of Southern California serial killer Richard Ramirez.  Hit the jump for more.

In addition to directing, Franco will star as Ramirez, exploring the killer's development from human to monster.  Producers Chris Cornell (yes, from Soundgarden) and Nicolas Constantine promise that the film won't glorify Ramirez, who was nicknamed the Night Stalker after his chosen time to attack. It's hard to imagine how someone could glorify the violent crimes of the Night Stalker, who had 30 confirmed victims in the span of 13 months.  In the mid-1980s, Ramirez terrified California with home invasions that resulted in rape, torture, and murder.  He is currently on death row after being convicted of more than a dozen counts of murder and burglary, five attempted murders, and nearly a dozen sexual assaults. "Fun" fact: my elementary school principal's sister married Ramirez in prison in 1996.

Source: NY Post