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Japanese Home Video Release of Evil Dead Remake Packed With Treats!


Evil Dead

When it comes to over the top home video releases that include all sorts of unique little goodies, nobody does it better than the Japanese - who oftentimes offer up incredible box sets that are jam packed with special treats that we unforunately don't get here in the states.  Case in point: the Evil Dead remake was just released on home video over there last week, and it brought more than special features along with it!

Limited to only 10 pieces, the deluxe edition set includes not just the movie but also a Deadite mask, a bottle of spray perfume, and even what looks to be a comforter and set of bed sheets.  It's hard to tell exactly what the contents are, given the website detailing the release is in Japanese, but it's quite clear by just looking at the image above that this is one of the most must-own pieces of Evil Dead merchandise we've ever seen.

Unfortunately, the extremely limited edition set was available only through a lottery held in Tokyo, so our chances of ever being able to score one are about as slim as the chances of Ash ever making a return.  But you can see more pictures over on Kotaku - just be sure to have your Google translator handy!