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Jean Rollin Blu-Rays are Imminent


Euro-sleaze fans rejoice! 2012 will bring a slew of remastered, restored films by Jean Rollin to blu-ray, thanks to Kino Lorber. The distribution company, led by director/producer Bret Wood, will release nearly a dozen classic films from the French filmmaker. For those who are not familiar, Rollin (who died in 2010) was best known for his 1960s and 1970s films that mix horror with soft-core sex. Starting in January, Kino Lorber will be releasing The Nude Vampire, The Shiver of the Vampires, The Iron Rose, Lips of Blood and Fascination, with another half-dozen titles to follow throughout the year. Get more info on the releases, along with some blu-ray stills (warning: images are NSFW) after the jump.

Wood spoke to Rollin fansite Requiem for Jean Rollin about the upcoming releases.

On the restoration process: "The process we followed was to scan the films on a Spirit Datacine machine and saved as digital files. We then color-corrected these raw files with a Baselight system and carefully balanced the colors and density of the picture -- aiming not only for visual consistency but also trying to give the films a more "intentional" look."

On special features: "Organizing supplemental features is an ongoing challenge. The Dutch editions, released on DVD by Encore, have amazing extras, but we were unable to license those for these editions. Since Rollin died in December 2010, we had to rely upon previously existing material. Redemption had some interviews that had been previously issued on their DVDs, and we repurposed a couple of those. I was fortunate to come in contact with Daniel Gouyette, who worked with Rollin for several years, and shot a number of interviews with Rollin as well as Natalie Perrey (who worked as an actress, script supervisor, costume designer, and pretty much everything else for Rollin). Daniel was gracious enough to share these interviews, and they comprise the bulk of the new bonus material. I've just made contact with someone who has a lengthy videotaped interview with Rollin and we're negotiating for the right to include it on a future BluRay release."

On bringing Rollin's films to the small screen: "The Iron Rose aired on TCM thanks to the support of Millie De Chirico (who essentially curates their "TCM Underground" slot) and Senior V.P. of Programming Charles Tabesh. Both Millie and Charlie have expressed interest in broadcasting other Rollin films. The difficulty is in the fairly explicit sex and violence that appear in Rollin's films. To their credit, TCM does not edit films, and has gotten steadily more bold in its presentation of R-rated material... so we all hope and expect to see more of Jean Rollin's films on the network. But the films will have to be carefully selected and presented in order to not offend more traditional viewers (or TCM's Standards and Practices department)."


Read the entire interview at Requiem for Jean Rollin. You can see more film stills at Rock Shock Pop