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News Article

Jennifer Love Hewitt 'Whisper's to Hilary Duff


The little spook show that could - Ghost Whisperer - will be getting a bit of star power soon from special guest star Hilary Duff, who will appear in at least one upcoming episode.

Duff, who seems to be safe from falling into the Lohan/Olsen/Spears skankhole, will, according to the Ausiello Files on play a "mysterious beauty." (The show's CBS publicity office just emailed us to confirm this is indeed true.) The former Disney popster is better known for more lighthearted fare, so could this be a bit of nepotism on the part of her BFF, Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt? We know Duff isn't really on our readers' radar, but she is looking pretty darn hot these days, so, well, you know. Okay, we now return you to our regularly scheduled buckets of blood.