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News Article

JET Stages Supermarket Slaughter in New Video!

Australian rockers JET recently uploaded the track "K.I.A. (Killed In Action)" from their upcoming album Shaka Rock (due out August 25th) as a little preview for the fans… and now it looks like the promo video for the song will be packing some splatter-riffic mayhem! Hit the jump to see a little teaser of the carnage to come…

The video, currently titled Market Massacre – which will be coming soon in its full-length form to the band's official YouTube channel – apparently chronicles a grisly murder spree spontaneously initiated by patrons of a seemingly ordinary supermarket, for reasons presently unknown. Although seemingly inspired by rage-plague epics like 28 Days Later or [REC] (and its remake Quarantine), it also resembles a throwback to ‘80s-era splatter flicks.

The full version will be online in a couple of weeks, and you'll be able to watch it here on our music pages as soon as it's available… but in the meantime, check out the mini-trailer below to find out what's in "store!" (Sorry, that was a totally lame pun. Oh, how I miss dear Uncle Forry…)