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Jimmy Kimmel Wins Halloween Prank War with Hilarious Challenge


Jimmy Kimmel Halloween prank

Over the course of the last couple months, we've posted some pretty hilarious Halloween pranks here on FEARnet, from costumes in stores coming to life to grim reapers flying around parks.  But none of them can hold a candle to the video Jimmy Kimmel showed on his late night talk show this past Monday night, a video that once again cements Kimmel's status as the greatest Halloween prankster of all time.

Three years ago, Kimmel came up with the idea of challenging his viewers to prank their kids on Halloween night, by hiding all of their hard-earned candy and telling them that they ate it all.  The cruel challenge has since become an annual tradition on Kimmel's show, and this year the response was bigger than ever - Kimmel and his staff being sent hundreds of videos from across the country, showing the reactions of children who have been led to believe their candy has all been eaten by their parents.

The team spent the whole weekend going through all the videos and compiled a list of their favorites, which they mashed up into a video that was shown on Monday night's broadcast.  Click the play button below to watch the hilarious and heartbreaking highlights of this year's challenge!