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Joe Lynch and G4 Pair Horror and Video Games for Epictober Film Festival

In a bizarre but welcome pairing of hot filmmaker and crazy-ass subject matter, Knights of Badassdom writer-director Joe Lynch (who, along with creator Adam Green, is also responsible for FEARnet's upcoming original series Holliston) has teamed up with G4 to produce three new horror shorts for's month-long Epictober Film Festival. And the best part is that they're all based on classic video games, including Angry Birds, Mario Kart and Duck Hunt. Details, photos, and a trailer after the jump.

Here's the official press release...

Earlier this year, launched its successful cinematic venture, G4 Films, an online initiative created by the leading video game website to develop, produce and license films related to what G4 fans know and love – video games.  After the successful roll-out including the documentary "Focus" and short-film "Against the Wall," G4 Films will continue to propel cinematic storytelling into the digital age with the G4 Films Epictober Film Festival, an exclusive online event that will blend the aesthetic of cinema with the worlds and characters of classic video games to create a killer mash-up just in time for Halloween.  All films can be seen exclusively online at

Three original horror films inspired by the popular video games "Angry Birds," "Mario Kart" and "Duck Hunt" will premiere October 24-26, capping off G4's brand-wide Epictober celebration, a month-long campaign full of all-new exclusives, amazing segments and envy-inducing giveaways. teamed with Joe Lynch, former Creative Director at and director of the highly-anticipated feature film "Knights of Badassdom," to produce the short-films.  Each project was helmed by a different director chosen by Lynch, giving a unique convergence of gaming and gore for each title.

"I couldn't be happier collaborating with my G4 family again on this very special project that keeps the short-film genre alive (or rather, undead)," said Joe Lynch. "It was such a thrill to be given the chance to hand-pick and work with three filmmakers I highly respect and admire to create films that gamers are sure to love."

The films are as follows:

"The Hunt": Inspired by the world's first first-person shooter video game "Duck Hunt," "The Hunt" is about three hunters who come face to face with a monstrous entity keen on their demise. "The Hunt" is directed by Sam Balcomb, co-founder of Rainfall Films and has produced content for Britney Spears, Steven Tyler, ABC Studios,, Willow Smith, Katy Perry and more. "The Hunt" becomes the hunted on on October 24.

"Kart Driver":  Nintendo's beloved Mario Kart franchise is one of the most highly-regarded and historic video game franchises ever and director Drew Daywalt's short film "Kart Driver" will give the legendary racing game a darker, deadlier spin.  Fury and obsession leads a heroic plumber to seek out and bring home his damsel in distress, the girl of his dreams, even if it means facing off with a creature from the very bowels of hell. Director Drew Daywalt is a founding member of FEWDIO, the world's first online Horror Troupe, dedicated to all things dark and fantastical.  Daywalt recently directed three episodes of the new MTV Horror-comedy television series "Death Valley." He also recently completed the screenplay for the remake of "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" for George Romero. "Kart Driver" debuts on on October 25.

"The Birds of Anger": Inspired by the best-selling mobile game, Rovio's "Angry Birds," the film harkens back to Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 classic "The Birds," and gives gamers a glimpse into a world where birds not only target pigs, but people as well.  "The Birds of Anger" is directed by Gregg Bishop, director of the "Dance of the Dead", which had its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival and was hand-picked by director Sam Raimi ("Spiderman", "Drag Me to Hell") for distribution through Lionsgate and Ghost House Pictures.  "The Birds of Anger" debuts on on October 26.

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Above you can see one image from The Birds of Anger. Below are two more, as well as an image from Kart Driver.

And here's the trailer for Birds of Anger (courtesy of USA Today)...