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Joe Lynch Gets Some Action from Kate Hudson

Man, that Joe Lynch is one busy guy. Last year saw the filmmaker produce a series of short horror films based on video games for G4's Epictober Film Festival, as well as the release of his Chillerama segment, "Zom-B-Movie". And this year we'll get Lynch's Knights of Badassdom as well as Holliston, the television show that Lynch is producing for FEARnet, and starring in along with his friend and fellow filmmaker Adam Green. Now we have word that Lynch's action film Everly is moving forward with star Kate Hudson in the lead. More after the jump.

Variety reports that "Kate Hudson is set to star in Joe Lynch's actioner 'Everly,' the new project from Adam Ripp and Rob Paris's Crime Scene Pictures shingle."

"Pic, which is being sold by Nick Meyer's Sierra/Affinity, will be unveiled to buyers at the Berlin Film Festival next week.

"Hudson will star as a down-on-her-luck woman, stuck in her apartment, who must fend off waves of assassins sent by her ex, a dangerous mob boss.

"Pic is based on a concept created by Lynch ('Knights of Badassdom'). Yale Hannon pens the script, which was featured on the Hollywood Black List."