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John Carpenter's 'Christine' Roars into the New Beverly

Christine is one of the more overlooked works of two horror icons' oeuvres. For John Carpenter's film adaptation the killer car novel came between his better known works The Thing and Big Trouble in Little China, just as Stephen King's novel came between the master scribe's more acclaimed books Different Seasons and The Dead Zone. But you can you see for yourself if Christine deserves a little more love than she's received over the years, when the film version screens at LA's New Beverly Theater this Saturday at 11:59 PM. More after the jump. 

Christine will be hosted by Horror Movie a Day's Brian Collins, who says of John Carpenter's film, "Personally I think this is one of his most underrated films (2nd only to In The Mouth Of Madness, which I've already hosted!), and always enjoy seeing it on the big screen. Not only does it assemble a terrific cast of great character actors like Harry Dean Stanton and Robert Prosky, but few actresses in horror are as lovely as Alexandra Paul in this film, so believe me - you want to see that face (and her awesome period sweaters) in glorious 35mm."

As always with the New Beverly, tickets are 8 dollars at the door or can be ordered online via BrownPaperTickets. "I'll be on hand to do a quick intro and give out some DVDs," adds Collins, "and hopefully a Q&A (not that he'd come to a late screening anyway, but Carpenter will be in Kentucky - however I am working on securing an actor, so cross your fingers!)."