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News Article

'John Dies at the End' Warns Viewers: Piracy = Combustion


John Dies at the End Warning TrailerStealing films, or “borrowing” depending on whom you’re talking to, is a hot topic. Some argue that media should be free to all, some say that the minute you illegally download anything you are taking money out of the hands of the artist. Either way, I think we can all agree that it’s nice to support independent film. The people behind John Dies at the End definitely don’t want you to pirate their film. So much so, that they have issued the following statement:

WARNING: pirating JOHN DIES AT THE END may result in spontaneous combustion.

Before pirating JOHN DIES AT THE END be sure to watch the video below as stealing the film could result in severe health issues. Those with an erection lasting over 4 hours after viewing JOHN DIES AT THE END please consult a physician.

Support independent films. Support something different…all without leaving your home, heck your bed. It's so simple even a meat monster could do it.

Watch the warning trailer below and beware: spontaneous combustion is no laughing matter. Well, in this case it's a little funny.