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John Murdy Takes Us on a Tour of Silent Hill For Halloween Horror Nights


For the first time, Silent Hill has set up house at Universal Studios’s Halloween Horror Night. The yearly Halloween extravaganza gets bigger each year, and Silent Hill is just one of the additions. Horror Nights creative director John Murdy took time out from setting props and taking meetings (this year’s haunt hasn’t opened yet, and he is already getting the ball rolling for 2013) to take us on a tour of their own Silent Hill.

Since Silent Hill was one of the last mazes to be installed, it is one of the least-populated attractions. Even still, with what was there, we got a good idea of what is in store for visitors. The maze will take you through all the stuff that is typically not in the visitor’s brochure: entry to the town is via sewer; from there you head into the tailor’s shop; tour through Midwich Elementary (including a stop off in the little girl’s room); visit the hospital; and end up in Pyramid Head’s lair.

With such an enormous body of work to choose from, Murdy admits he had a hard time paring down the scenes. Not a fan of the Silent Hill video game series until now, he turned to Twitter to ask fans what they wanted out of a Silent Hill maze. The results were overwhelming. The number one requested character was Pyramid Head, and you will see him multiple times in the maze, walking on stilts. Second on the list was the Nurse, and Murdy promises there will be “lots and lots of nurses.” The third, somewhat surprisingly, was Robbie Rabbit. His role in the maze will be more subtle, but very noticeable. Other characters you may recognize include Alessa, Boogeyman, and the Doll Monster.

In a conceit Murdy came up with for last year’s Hostel maze, Silent Hill will have an “easter egg” for visitors. Every night, Murdy will tweet out a password. Visitors to the park can then tell this password to the Postmaster who will be looming around the entrance of the maze, and get a surprise freebie. Murdy is working directly with video game company Konami to secure a wide range of goodies.



Halloween Horror Nights run from September 21st through Halloween. Get dates and tickets here.