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Is Johnny Depp 'The Night Stalker'?


It seems that Johnny Depp has traded in his love of Victorian children's literature for a hankering for '70s television. Currently working on a big-budget movie remake of Dan Curtis' Dark Shadows with longtime collaborator Tim Burton, Depp is no poised to essay the title role in another Curtis production -- the fondly remembered Night Stalker. More after the jump. 

According to Deadline, "Disney and Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil are teaming up on two new projects: a feature version of the '70s TV movie The Night Stalker, and a drama about the Midnight Ride made by Paul Revere to warn Colonial militia of the impending British invasion. Depp is the potential star of both films, and he and his Infinitum Nihil partner Christi Dembrowski will produce."

"Like many, Dembrowski and Depp had fond memories of the ABC telepic and series The Night Stalker, and they got Disney's Rich Ross and Sean Bailey sparked on a pitch for Depp to potentially play tabloid reporter Carl Kolchak."

Kolchak of course was the central character in The Night Stalker. An investigate reporter/supernatural crimebuster played by the late Darren McGavin, he debuted in the original film and a sequel TV movie (both penned by immortal horror scribe Richard Matheson), before being given his own short-lived TV show. His adventures inspired many a genre creator, including Chris Carter, who cast McGavin as Frank Black's father in Millennium.

If Depp does take on this role, I'd really like to see him play it low-key and serious. More akin to his work in Donnie Brasco or Public Enemies than most of his roles in Tim Burton's films or the Pirates movies.