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Joshua Jackson on the Next Episode of ‘Fringe' and the Potential Fifth Season


This television season has been another wild ride for Fringe fans, with most of us just as eager for answers to the saga's questions as we are to learn if the show has been renewed for a fifth season. Series star Joshua Jackson addressed mysteries both on and off screen when he appeared at last weekend's WonderCon, and hinted at a resolution to Peter Bishop's quest in this coming Friday's episode. Find out what he had to tell us after the jump.

On whether Peter's search will be successful…

If we were doing this [interview] even one week from today I would be able to talk a lot more about [whether Peter's search for home is successful]. But the thing that we are revealing this Friday answers this question. And there's really nothing I can say about it that wouldn't tip the hat too much… I swear to God I'm going to straight into politics after this show is done. [Laughs.] "The party of the first part…"

On how this season has redefined Peter…

The fun of this season – for as much time as I've spent with Jon [Noble] working out the father-son relationship, and for as much time as Anna and I have spent in this really tortured kind of work dynamic and love relationship and then epic love relationship and then we don't know each other anymore – it has been fun to reset all of those relationships and go back to almost a new version of what a new show would be. Peter has the burden of all of that knowledge, but none of the rest of the characters do, and they're not even the same characters that he met at the beginning of season 1, because their personal histories are all different. So it's been fun to sort of redefine. Walter particularly has been so much more broken this time around then he was even at the beginning of season 1 (when he was pretty broken), so to figure out how to be the not son trying to help that man get better again, given that his history is totally different… That's fun. That's Fringe. A little confusing sometimes, but it's been fun.

On the likelihood of a fifth season…

The show has a small but super dedicated audience… I think [Fox Entertainment President] Kevin Reilly personally likes the show and likes having it on the air. I also think at the end of the day these guys are businessmen and they're in business to make money. At this point really it's all about them making the numbers work for season 5. That's really what it comes down to. Our audience has been so passionate and so dedicated, and that man is drowning in Red Vines on a daily basis. There's no more love for the show or support for the show that can be shown. The ratings are what they are. They've stabilized their numbers, so that's not even the issue anymore. Creatively I think the boys are still swinging for the fences. It doesn't feel like the show is exhausted creatively either. Which is a bad place, you never want to overstay your welcome. So at this point, they're going to figure out whether those numbers work, and that's just the reality of TV.