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News Article

Kasual Friday Breaks Onto Toy Scene with Ash and RoboCop Figures


Army of Darkness

Founded in January of 2012 and initially specializing in pop culture apparel, the company Kasual Friday is branching out into the collectibles market with a new line of figurines called Superstars, 3" tall offerings of some of the most iconic characters from the worlds of comic books, television and the movies.  First up, in the debut series, two of the most badass heroes of all time are inducted into the Superstars line, two ordinary men who were transformed into extraordinary men.

Alongside comic book character The Phantom, Ash and RoboCop fill out Superstars Series 1, with Ash being based on his appearance in Army of Darkness.  Boomstick strapped to his back, and his trusty chainsaw taking the place of his severed head, Ash is ready to kick some Deadite ass, while RoboCop is poised and ready to lay waste to the bad guys.  A badass crime-fighting duo, if there ever was one!

To see a full gallery of images, and learn more, head over to  And if you'd like to pre-order Ash, RoboCop and/or The Phantom, you can do so on Kasual Friday's website.  Series 1 will begin shipping in January of 2014.