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Ke$ha Vamps It Up On Stage... Literally


Over-the-top popster Ke$ha was apparently inspired by her shock rock idol Alice Cooper for this latest attention-grabbing stunt (well, it got OUR attention, so it must have worked): the singer has been seen squeezing a rubber heart and guzzling fake blood into her mouth during a live performance. It's certainly not the first shocking act she's staged (and it won't be the last), but it's definitely the sickest so far. More info and a clip lurking after the jump...

UK magazine NME reported on the stunt – which happened at last week's Future Music festival in Sydney, Australia – where the dollar-sign diva held up a heart-shaped squeeze bottle and gushed the crimson contents all over herself, including into her open mouth. Fan footage uncovered by the magazine reveals the routine happened during "The Harold Song," which is basically about a vampire, with the lyric "The life is fading from me/While you watch my heart bleed." Previous accounts reported the heart-sucking happened during the song "Cannibal" (which would have been equally appropriate), but this video proves otherwise.

She's obviously taking a cue from Cooper, who has splattered many a stage with the red stuff over the past few decades. Alice himself has said he considers the wild theatrics of Ke$ha and Lady Gaga (who staged her own mock disembowelment at the 2009 VMA awards) to be continuing the tradition of crazed showmanship pioneered by artists like himself. Of course there's also that whole thing with Ozzy and the bat, but that wasn't really planned. At least this version won't end with a series of rabies shots. Well, probably.

Check out her blood-drenched performance in the fan footage below...