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Kevin Williamson Spills on 'The Vampire Diaries'


Tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries promises to be an important episode.  We will learn the origins of Klaus, the oldest vampire, why Katherine fears him, and why Damon despises him - you know, besides the normal Damon reasons.  "Klaus can out-Damon Damon," executive producer Kevin Williamson said in a recent interview.  He also revealed a couple interesting story changes - and one very vital spoiler for season three.  Read on for all the juicy tidbits.

In the interview with Hollywood Reporter, Williamson reveals that originally, Bonnie's "death" was supposed to last four episodes, and it was Elena who hid her BFF - not Damon and Jeremy.  "We said the audience would hate us. They'll never forgive us," Williamson admits. "Then we thought we could do this for one episode and bring her back next week. Then we thought no, better to do it at the end of the commercial break. We finally came down to a commercial break was all we could get away with."

Another major plot change had to do with Katherine, who was originally only intended to appear in one or two episodes.  "We were down on set watching Miss Nina [Dobrev] portray her in that little black outfit and slink her way to set. I said, 'OK, we might need to rethink this.' We kept saying we'd see her in three or four episodes, and the next thing you know, Katherine took over."  Katherine was meant to be an off-screen puppeteer, but the writers re-wrote the Katherine arc, giving them "another true villain and for Damon, another adversary."

Now that spoilery tidbit I mentioned: Klaus will return in season three, with more of the originals.  "We teased this season between Damon and Klaus, but there's so much material, it's an open minefield next year between Damon, Stefan and Klaus. The originals, here they come," Williamson promises. 

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