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Kids Run Screaming as Theater Accidentally Screens 'Paranormal Activity 4' Instead of 'Madagascar 3'


A group of kiddies in Nottingham, England, who were eagerly awaiting the return of Marty the Zebra, got Toby the demon instead when a theater mistakenly played Paranormal Activity 4 instead of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.

“Everybody just scrambled for the exits, all you could hear were children crying and screaming. Everyone was very upset,” a moviegoer told Yahoo! Movies UK.

“It was only about two minutes worth of the film but it was enough to scar them for life,” another parent said.

While the mistake was quickly rectified, the film wasn’t turned off before—and this is a SPOILER—a bloodied corpse was thrown at the camera.

It’s safe to say most of the children in the theater won’t sleep well for a very long time.

Despite the fact that Paranormal 4 is unpopular with the UK youth audience, it took the number one spot at the foreign box office with an opening of $26.2 million. The Hollywood Reporter writes, “Opening No. 1 in nine territories, Paranormal Activity 4 scored best in the U.K. (although it ranked No. 2 ), which is typical market showing for the small-budget horror franchise.”

via Yahoo Movies UK and THR