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Killer POV Podcast Talks All Things 'Scream Factory'!


If you're a regular FEARnet reader, then no doubt you've also been keeping tabs on Scream Factory, the horror offshoot of Shout Factory that's been putting out stellar Blu-Ray special editions of some amazing genre titles over the course of the last year. Well, in honor of their month long 31 Days Of Screams promotion, the gang from Scream Factory, head of acquisitions Cliff MacMillan and director of marketing Jeff Nelson appeared on GeekNation's Killer POV podcast this week along with hosts Rob Galluzzo (FEARnet), Rebekah McKendry (Fangoria) and Elric Kane (Inside Horror). This is really the best behind-the-scenes look at how Scream Factory operates. You can hear about some of the challenges the company faces (artwork controversy, acquiring films, surprising titles they lost, fan scrutiny), what's sold the most (and what hasn't) and the full scoop on upcoming releases such as 'Nightbreed: The Cabel Cut,' 'Night Of The Comet,' 'Witchboard,' 'Night Of The Demons,' the 'Vincent Price Collection,' the 'Amityville Trilogy' set and many, many more. This is a must-listen for Scream Factory fans!

Be sure to keep tabs via the official Scream Factory Facebook or the Scream Factory Twitter page. There are daily sales during the week and exclusive new video clips & interviews with horror gurus & journalists. It truly is the season!