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Killer Snack Attack: 'House IV’s' Pizza Face


House IV Pizza FaceThis direct-to-video movie may not be high on your list, but we assure you, House IV is worth a watch, if only for the possessed pizza scene.

House IV re-acquaints viewers with the original House leading man, Roger Cobb. We find him living with his wife and daughter in yet another haunted Cobb family house. No spoilers here, but let’s just say Roger doesn’t last very long, leaving his daughter confined to a wheelchair and living alone with her mother in the crazy mansion. There’s a lot going on in this film including Indian ghosts, toxic waste, the Mafia, and, a singing pizza man. It takes the House traum-com formula to the extreme, especially in the scene where mother and daughter get dinner delivered. Watch it below.

Movie: House IV

Year: 1992

Deadly Recipe: This is no run-of-the-mill musical pizza delivery number. This pizza would prefer to eat you before you eat it.

Chef: Singing and dancing delivery man.

Culinary Kill:  The evil pizza doesn’t kill so much as sings and taunts, spitting cheese on mom.

Leftovers: It turns out that it’s tough to kill a pizza face. Stabbing and forcing it down the garbage disposal just make pizza man mad and turns your sink into a saucy, gory mess.