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King Diamond Knows You Missed Him...

Demon-metal overlord King Diamond has issued a painfully overdue update that reminded me how damn long it's been since the corpse-painted legend last discussed a couple of cool-sounding DVD projects for 2009 – one involving his solo act, the other with his original band Mercyful Fate – as well as a couple of recently revisited Fate classics, one of which made its return visit on Guitar Hero: Metallica. King did his best to make up for the long dry spell by unloading a coffin-load of tantalizing news, and we've got it distilled down to its pitch-black essence below the jump...

Professing to finally be working at “full power” on the new stuff, Diamond issued a massive blog update to announce that the re-recorded versions of “Evil” and “Curse of the Pharaohs” – originally from Mercyful Fate's 1983 debut Melissa – are now available for download via iTunes, as well as a cool 12-inch vinyl picture disc featuring King's avatar from the game (shown here). He also points out that this particular version of “Evil” will sound slightly different than the Guitar Hero edit thanks to a new mastering job by Andy LaRocque, who has also remastered the King records Spider’s Lullabye, The Graveyard, Voodoo, and House Of God – all of which are tentatively planned for release this fall, with lots of bonus tracks included.

[In other game news, Diamond will also be lending two tracks (“Welcome Home” and “Cremation”) to EA's Brütal Legend, which hits stores in October.]

Now for those tasty DVDs... the promised double-disc Diamond set, comprised of ex-bootleg video from several King Diamond shows, was met with some serious technical difficulties, about which King goes into MAJOR geek-out detail on the blog, but I'll skip that for now. Suffice to say it's reportedly back on track, with the release loosely slated for Halloween (which would be too perfect). Ironically, King had very little to offer about the Mercyful Fate DVD project, other than to say it should be out over the holidays.

Like I said, it's a pretty long-winded update, but you can't say he didn't make up for lost time... read it all on King's MySpace if you've got a little time on your hands.