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Kirk Hammett Giving Horror Fans the 'Business'


Metallica's Kirk Hammett is planning to fly his fear-freak flag with the release of the book Too Much Horror Business – through which the guitar legend will share his massive collection of horror memorabilia with fellow fans. He recently divulged some details about the book's contents in an interview with Rolling Stone, and we've got some excerpts of that article below the fold... read on and find out more about Kirk's personal museum of horrors!

Serious Metallica fans already know of Hammett's lifelong hobby, but very few have actually been privileged enough to get a serious glimpse at the true depths of this obsession. He revealed in the interview that he's working on the book – which takes its title from a Misfits tune – in between the band's many tour stops this summer. It will catalog images and descriptions of his complete archive of “Horror movie posters, toys, artwork, comic books... the whole thing.” The volume will also contain notes, commentary and other “pop-ups and peepholes.” He describes the tone of the writing as “quirky Kirk Hammett... not too serious, but not too goofy, either.”

Hammett has been collecting horror goodies for as long as he can recall: “I remember finding my first monster magazine in San Francisco when I was six years old,” he recalls... and from that humble beginning, he built a collection that includes a recently auctioned lobby card from the lost 1927 Lon Chaney silent film London After Midnight (possibly the only one of its kind in existence) and super-rare Spanish and Swedish promotional materials from the original King Kong.

“I'm an old school guy... you know, a big Boris Karloff fan,” Hammett revealed. “My favorite horror movie is probably either The Mummy or Bride of Frankenstein.” But that doesn't mean Kirk's not open to modern-day classics, or even classics-to-be: “I really love The Evil Dead and Re-Animator,” he continued. “I'm still waiting to see The Human Centipede... The funny thing is, [my wife and I] live in Hawaii now, and we see centipedes all the time.” (Probably not of the mouth-to-butt humanoid variety, though.)

Too Much Horror Business is slated for release next year... stay tuned for more details!