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News Article

KISS Finally Starting on the New Album!


Paul Stanley has finally put a date on the table (well, more or less) when he revealed that the current lineup of KISS – that being himself, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer – will finally be entering the studio next week to work on their new album, the first studio project for the band since 1998's Psycho Circus...

"It's going to be very much a throwback to what we did at the beginning,” Paul reported during an interview on the Fox Business show “Happy Hour” Thursday, enthusiastic after the huge success of the sold-out “KISS Alive 35” international tour and expressing the desire to go back to the roots of the KISS legend. “KISS is what KISS has always been,” he said. “We spent 35 years building that band and that brand... if it ain't broke, don't fix it.” Paul has previously stated on the band's official site that the new project would be true to the band's '70s classic sound.

Interestingly, Paul appeared on the show surrounded by copies of his latest abstract paintings – three of which will be introduced at Wentworth Gallery exhibitions this weekend. Last year the artwork netted him over three million dollars (“Or so I'm told,” he joked), which is pretty good for a guy who admits he flunked out of art school... “That's mainly because I have a problem with authority figures,” he admitted, “but I'm a very hard-working guy on my own terms.”